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Venetian Lagoon (Horizontal)

Laguna Veneta Tavolo in Legno Cartina 3D Laser Cut laguna-veneta-orizz-048 Laguna Veneta Tavolo in Legno Cartina 3D Laser Cut Laguna Veneta Tavolo in Legno Cartina 3D Laser Cut Laguna Veneta Tavolo in Legno Cartina 3D Laser Cut Laguna Veneta Tavolo in Legno Cartina 3D Laser Cut table022 table06 table09 table04 table07
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Deep colour
Crafted in n. days:
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about us

From september 2019 GeckoArt realize also customizable tables
Choose the map, the size, the wood and the model of the legs.
table02 table03

Create atmosphere with a led strip inside the table.
table04 table01
table05 table06
table07 table08

Get your company logo.
table09 table10
table11 table12

Have you seen our frame map?
Discover more here
Recensione04 Recensione01 Recensione05
Recensione03 Recensione09 Recensione11

Our charts are 100% Made in Italy, the original design is the result of a deep study of the places represented, trough nautical and topographical maps which faithfully reproduce the physical and morphological characteristics of the area.
The works are made of birch wood layers, cut and engraved by laser, to give visual depth to the picture. Each level is carefully designed using high-definitions graphics programs that ensure the maximum accuracy of every detail.

Our charts are absolutely unique and handcrafted, the wood layers are assembled together with specific wood glues and painted entirely by hand.
Map, frame and legs are created after each order.
Time from order to shipping goes from 15 to 20 days.

Would you like to create your personal table? Choose the available options for:
Deep color
- Size and wood for the frame
- Color and model for legs
Height of table
- Possible led strip

What do you get?
The kit includes:
- Frame with map already mounted inside
- Sturdy 10 millimeters laminated glass
- Professional suction cup for glass installation
- Possible legs with screws for mountage
- Possible led strip inside the table, with charger and remote controller

Deep colors
Available colors: green, light blue, blue, grey.
verde celeste
blu grigio

Lacquered Frames
Our lacquered frame are made from Fraxinus wood.
Available colors: Brown, Ground, Turtledove, Cream, White, Ash, Grey, Black.
Finish brushed of flat.
cornici laccato
It's possible to ask other colors
Contact us for any request.

Solid wood Frames
Our solid wood frames are made from different kind of wood, from the most common Fraxinus and Pine, to the most valuable Wenge and Olive.
cornici legno
We can realize the frame with other kinds of wood, as the Durmast, the Chestnut, the Maple tree or Teak.
Contact us!

We realize the legs with Fraxinus wood, or in anodized alluminum.
You can specify the height, the color and the finish after the order.
Standard heights (it's possible to ask other measures):
Coffee tables: 45 centimeters
Studio or living room tables: 75 centimeters
gambe doppia
gambe singola
Anodized alluminum:
gambe alluminio 

Review and Refund € 100

You can read all the reviews here.
We provide a refund of € 100 for those who send to us a video of the table, some pictures and a review.

Customer Care

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Shipping (Tables)

Shipping cost to Europe and Worldwide is € 80 with Gls Executive, FedEx, Ems or Italian Post (depending the country)
Delivery from 3 to 7 working days.
After the shipping we’ll give you the tracking code about the box for search its trip on website of express postman in every time.

All our box are assured.


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