Handmade and unique Topographic wood charts

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Quality Laser cutting and engraving.
Designed with the best graphic softwares.
Layered in 3D.
Handicraft 100% Made in Italy.
Hand painted and assembled.
Unique furnishing.

GeckoArt Project

GeckoArt project was born in 2015 to transform your favorite destinations, your unforgettable trips or the trip of your dreams in unique pieces of art and furniture, conceived to enrich your house with taste and elegance.

The wooden frameworks are 100% Made in Italy, the original design is the result of a deep study of the places represented, trough nautical and topographical maps which faithfully reproduce the physical and morphological characteristics of the area. The works are made of birch wood layers, cut and engraved by laser, to give visual depth to the picture. Each level is carefully designed using high-definitions graphics programs that ensure the maximum accuracy of every detail.

GeckoArt wooden framework are absolutely unique and handcrafted, the wood layers are assembled together with specific wood glues and painted entirely by hand. All GeckoArt products are pre-framed in a solid ayous wood frame, cut and mounted on measurement.

You can customize your GeckoArt piece by choosing the color of the frame, the size of the framework and by adding a personal inscription on the back.

A trip with GeckoArt is a trip that never ends.

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